About Us

As a native of Japan, I grew up in the household of a traditional calligraphy artist. My connection with shodo, meaning calligraphy in Japanese, started from the moment I first began to crawl.  I crawled all over the calligraphy paper on the mat that my father spread out while he was working on his larger pieces. The distinct smell of sumi, ink used for writing onto the paper, brings back such childhood memories and looking at the shades of colour of sumi strokes soothes me to this day.

Now, I live in New Zealand with my American husband and two children. As I have not lived in Japan for many years, I have grown to appreciate the more traditional aspects of Japan as a way to stay connected.  In particular, I have become fascinated with the integration of traditional techniques to make contemporary works. 

I am always on the lookout for items made with the masterful skills of true artisans that embody such traditional ‘Japaneseness’ yet are suited to our modern lifestyle.  I thought it would be nice to be able to help you find something authentic that can bring harmony to your lifestyle as well.

At Sumi Art works, we have a collection of traditional, contemporary and fusion styles of calligraphy works. Our artists are highly accredited; having achieved mastery of their art form through extensive activity within their respective fields. They also have an aspiration of their works to be shared widely not only inside Japan but also around the world. 

All their works are original one-of-a-kind pieces and will be directly delivered to you from Japan, bringing a bit of ‘Japaneseness’ to your home or business.