Syunbou INOUE(井上 春卯)

Syunbo Inoue was born in 1940 in Hagi city, Yamaguchi prefecture. Accepted into apprenticeship to Shoshin-Kai (書神会), studied under Shiho Oda in 1972.

1982 to Present: Founded calligraphy school ‘Sekichiku’(石竹), teaching handwriting and brush styles to ages 3 to adult.

He has been involved in volunteer activities by holding calligraphy classes for cancer patients at Public Oncology Treatment Centre since 2013 when he got his cancer treatment there.  Also holds a monthly class at Kubo Hospital Imabari since 2014 and a quarterly class at Saiseikai Imabari Hospital since 2017.


1994 awarded Mainichi prize at Mainichi Shodo exhibition
Awarded education ministry’s award at national Syoshin Kai Calligraphy Exhibition.
2009 awarded the Grand prize at Mainichi Shodo exhibition in 2009


Member of Examining Meeting at Mainichi Shodo Kai(毎日書道会)
Member of Examining Meeting for Shoshin-Kai Headquarter since 2010

Donated works:

2010 Shiraishi Hospital in Imabari, Ehime - Wagan Aigo  
2013 Public Oncology Treatment Centre in Matsuyama – Saiouga Uma
2014 Kubo Hospital, An Aged Care Facility in Imabari - Wagan Aigo  
2016 Imabari Nursing School
         Imabari City Hospital
2017 Saiseikai Imabari Hospital - Wagan Aigo